Home Elevator Installation Bristol, Bath and the South West

The Platinum Home Elevator is a modern and luxurious lift for the home. With automatic doors telescopic sliding doors, and a choice of finishes, the Home Elevator has the same features and aesthetics as a standard commercial passenger lift.

The Platinum Home Elevator can be installed in about a week, either in a traditional masonry lift shaft, or in its own self-supporting structure. The structure can be clad with steel or glazed "panoramic" panelling. Here are a few elevator features...

Complies with the Machine Directive 2006/42/EC ● Masonry shaft or self-supporting structure options
Glazed "panoramic" lift car and shaft available ● Low energy consumption single phase 230V supply
Fully automatic doors ● Automatic "push once" call buttons ● Minimum pit 100mm ● Minimum headroom 2350mm
Maximum travel 15m ● Load capacity 180 - 385kg

Home Elevator Gallery

Home Elevator Data Sheets

Home Elevator car & shaft dimensions

Product Type Description Downloadable PDF
Car & shaft dimensions Manual swing landing doors, no car doors No-car-doors.pdf
Car & shaft dimensions Manual swing landing doors, automatic folding car door Automatic-car-doors.pdf
Car & shaft dimensions Fully automatic telescopic sliding doors Fully-automatic-doors.pdf
Home Elevator car themes
Product Type Description Downloadable PDF
Car theme Classic theme Classic-theme.pdf
Car theme Elegance theme Elegance-theme.pdf
Car theme Elite theme Elite-theme.pdf
Car theme Crystal theme Crystal-theme.pdf
Car theme Stainless theme Stainless-theme.pdf
Car theme Millennium theme Millenium-theme.pdf
Car theme Alhambra theme Alhambra-theme.pdf

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