Aritco Home Lift Installation by Platinum Lifts

Platinum Lifts are proud to announce our partnership with Aritco - one of the worlds leading Home Lift manufacturers. With its own self supporting structure, the Aritco home lift is designed to fit into homes with very limited available space, require minimal builders works, and can be installed within a few days.

With high quality components, the Aritco home lift is renowned for its reliability and luxury styling.

Features include:

Design, sizes and options created for a home environment ● 95% recyclable materials ● 'A' rated energy consumption according to VDI4707
Patented screw/nut technology (no oil that can leak) ● Minimal builders works ● Pre-built lift shaft not required
Minimum hole through floor 870 x 910 ● Travel 250mm - 13,000mm ● Load capacity 200 - 410kg ● Up to 6 floors served
Battery operated emergency lowering

Artico 4000 Home Lift (The world's smallest home lift)

Artico 4000 is the smallest and most compact home lift in our product range and on the market. The lift has been designed to meet all requirements for comfort, space and design. The lift is available in several different sizes, with an option to personalize it with details such as glass walls, a range of varied colours and different materials.

Aritco 6000 Home Lift (Our most versatile home lift)

Choose among several different sizes, glass walls and colours. This is the choice for those of you who would like to customise the lift to your own liking.

Aritco Home Lift Gallery

Aritco Home Lift Data Sheets

Product Type Description Downloadable PDF
Home lift Aritco Inspiration Catalogue Aritco-Home-Lift-Inspiration-Catalogue.pdf
Home lift Aritco Opportunity Of Choices Aritco-Opportunity-Of-Choices.pdf
Home lift Aritco Aritco-Home-Lifts-product-catalogue.pdf
Home lift Aritco 4000 Aritco-4000-data-sheet.pdf
Home lift Aritco 6000 Aritco-6000-data-sheet.pdf
Aritco3D Home Lift Vitualisation

Click on the link below, upload a picture and see how a home lift could fit your home in 3D.

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