Passenger lift Installation by Platinum Lifts

Platinum Lifts provide a wide range of passenger lifts with a wide range of capabilities. We cater for the low to mid rise market, with capacities of between 3 and 36 persons. Our lifts are powered by hydraulic and traction machines, with or without machine rooms. Using the latest technology, Platinum Lifts products are designed with the following benefits in mind...

Energy efficiency

Variable frequency (VVVF) drive reduces starting current by up to 80% compared to conventional drives.
Energy efficient gearless motor consumes up to 30% less energy than a geared or hydraulic drive.
Low energy LED car lighting, switched off when not in use.

Speed, comfort and reliability

VVVF drive for smooth acceleration and deceleration.
Gearless motor for high speed and smooth, silent ride.
Car decoration to high standards, including stainless steel, porcelain and glazed finishes.

Safety and compliance

Passenger rescue operation during power failure.
Autodial emergency telephone for two-way communication and passenger peace of mind.
Full height infrared safety curtain at lift entrance, protecting people and preventing damage to the lift doors.
CE marked and compliant with Part M, EN 81-70 and The Lift Directive 95/16/EC.

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Passenger Lift Data Sheets

Product Type Description Downloadable PDF
Car theme Classic theme Classic-theme.pdf
Car theme Elegance theme Elegance-theme.pdf
Car theme Elite theme Elite-theme.pdf
Car theme Crystal theme Crystal-theme.pdf
Car theme Stainless theme Stainless-theme.pdf
Car theme Millennium theme Millenium-theme.pdf
Car theme Alhambra theme Alhambra-theme.pdf

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