Lulworth Avenue, Poole

HomeLift AHL

Model = S15

Platform size = 1100 x 1400

Platform load = 400kg / 5 persons

Platform design wall = White

Platform flooring = Bolon Sisal Plain Sand

Shaft and doors painted = RAL 9016 Traffic White

Lift shaft = partially glazed

Shaft lighting = RGB colour mood lighting

Power supply = 1 phase 230V 13A



We met Rob of Platinum lifts at an exhibition in Exeter in November 2017. We were looking for a lift for our 'soon to be remodelled' house and loved the design of the Aritco lift. Rob was knowledgeable and helpful from the very start.

Our building schedule did not go to plan and we had major delays as we had to submit a complete new application for a new build. Rob stayed in touch throughout the delays and then through the build process. Nothing was too much trouble and he was always available to help with technical questions and to provide copious information to our builders.

The S15 lift installation finally got going in January 2020. Whilst there were a few issues and teething problems - mainly due to changes in the supplier of the components to Aritco and software changes - Rob kept us informed during the whole process.

Our installation was not time critical - fortunately - and the installation engineers promptly replaced parts as needed and finally signed off a fully functioning, quality and highly pleasing product, with all the knobs and whistles in place, just 3 1/2 years after we first met Rob!

This Aritco product has no competitors. As the lift is part of a large open plan space on the first floor it had to look good - which it does. It is very quiet and having the lift means that we never have to leave our 'upside down' house when we can no longer manage the stairs!

Thank you to Rob, Phil, Alan and the rest of the team.


Marianne R.H, Poole - June 2020

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